This limited edition HPU Benchwarmer was custom built by Gongshow Gear.

The Benchwarmer features a HPU patch and signature Gongshow logo on the backside.

Through the icy cold wind and ankle deep snow you keep your legs moving, determined to get to the rink as quick as possible. The crispy North American winter invigorates you as a noise in the distance stops you in your tracks like a wolf smelling the wind. A faint “I’m open” echoes though the valley below you. Over the hill you gaze down on a thing of beauty; a game of shinny in full force. You sit on a dead log that serves as a make shift bench and begin to lace up! Hockey is truly a lifestyle!

One size fits most (approx 56 – 60 cm)




Order HPU Benchwarmer Benchwarmer @ $40.00