Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I know what size Wristy to purchase?
  • Answer: Our general rule is measure your wrist comfortably and add an inch.
 Here’s a quick Step by Step example…
1. Take any item that is at least 10 inches long. (lace, string, etc.)
2. Mark on that item how ‘long’ your wrist is comfortably.
3. Take that item and measure the length taken. (Should be between 6″ and 8″)
4. Add an inch to that measurement and that’s the size you want to order.
** The reason you add an inch is due to the snap button attachment **
  • Question: When was the first hockey lace wristy manufactured?
  • Answer: 2002 by the founder of Stroud Manufacturing.
  • Question: Is the Hockey Players Union a registered non-profit organization?
  • Answer: No, we’re not a registered non-profit organization at this time. 
  • Question: Who manufactures your hockey lace wristies?
  •  Answer: Stroud Manufacturing.
  • Question: How much is donated from every wristy sold.
  •  Answer: 25¢ from every wristy purchased online gets donated and 10¢ from every wristy purchased in stores gets donated.